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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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wednesday night i'm monica malpass the big story on action news is breaking news from camden where a young girl was shot and critically injured.
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let's go to bob brooks who is live at cooper university hospital with all the details. bob? >> reporter: monica, good evening. we just had a news conference here with the chief of police and in his words, it is all hands on deck to figure out whoever did this. tonight it was an eight-year-old girl sitting on a porch caught in crossfire, now fighting for her life here at the hospital. tonight a little girl was shot in the head in camden. the location south 8th and cherry. >> they're nothing short of cowards. i'm quite certain the community has the same sentiment we do at this point in time. >> reporter: she was caught in cross fire the same time a church service was going on just feet away. the people inside heard the gunfire. they didn't know the victim was just a little little girl. one neighbor said shootings on her block seem to happen daily.
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>> it's a shame but it's normal. >> reporter: but what's not routine, having innocent kids as victims. >> my kids, i bring them -- they ain't here with me now, but we play and they run up and down here and i feel really bad because i'm a mom and it could have been my kids. >> reporter: even a pastor having hard times coming up with words how to move forward. >> reporter: >> we're new in the neighborhood. >> reporter: one neighbor said he knows how. that's stop shooting. >> reporter: cease fire. give it up. turn your guns in, give it up. >> from our perspective this is an all hands on deck, line in the sand moment. we're pulling the stops to pull in the cowards that opened fire on this city block and now critically wounded this 8-year-old little girl. >> reporter: back out live here. it's not always the case, right now officers standing guard.
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we do know there is surveillance video of the suspects caught on tape and police looking for help on this one while this is still fresh in people's minds, we're asking if you know anything about this, immediately give them a call. in camden, bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> an afternoon of adventure turned deadly for a woman at a delaware state park. the woman was riding a zip line through lums 307bd state park where somehow she fell 40 feet to the ground. dan, what do officials think happened here? >> reporter: well, monica, they don't have an answer yet. they're still trying to piece together how this accident happened. meanwhile the facility itself has been shut down until further notice. a delaware forensic investigator among others arrived at the zip line adventure shortly after the fatal accident according to police about 1:40 this afternoon
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a 59-year-old woman guest fell some 40 feet down below in the heavily wooded area that makes up lums state park. they had to perform cpr. other guests were saddened and shocked about how something like this could have happened. >> i mean it's very safe. i mean the equipment is very safe. >> reporter: according to the company's westbound, they offer a tree top adventure experience. this as you take on suspended obstacles, tarzan swings. >> the staff takes you through how to hook up the to wires and everything as you're going across all the obstacles. >> to me it's always been very safe and a super fun activity around this area for sure. >> can you imagine how it's possible someone fell off from the facility? >> i can imagine, yes, if they didn't go through the precaution of hooking up the caribiner,
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yes. >> >> reporter: in a statement the director of go ape said they are deeply saddened by the tragic occurrence. our thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends and in particular to those who were with her on the course at the time. >> reporter: now the identity of the 59-year-old woman has not been released pending notification of next of kin. meanwhile investigators are hoping to have more on how this accident may have happened at some point tomorrow. live here at delaware state police in wilmington, i'm dann. >> thank you, dann. rescuers are still digging trying to find any survivors of an earthquake that struck in central italy more than 24 hours ago. the death toll stands at 159 but officials fear the number will certainly rise. the 6.2 measured quake struck about dawn local time and it left three towns decimated.
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one official says the town of amitrici no longer exists. two small children were rescued 17 hours after the quake struck. residents are joining together moving the debris stone by stone in silence in hopes of hearing anyone who may be crying for help. and our coverage of the earthquake in italy continues on the 6 abc news app. there you'll find the latest for the search forserurvivors. in indiana a cleanup is underway after tornadoes touched down. you can see how powerful these twisters were as they struck in two counties just north of indianapolis. school children were forced to take cover in the hallways. patrons in starbucks crowded together in the bathrooms even as the walls came down around them. tonight tens of thousands of
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people are without power. officials say none of the injuries is life-threatening. now to a story we first told you about last night. an alleged towing trap caught on camera. victims say they were baited into parking illegally. and since our story first aired, hundreds of people have come forward on social media with similar stories. action news reporter christie ileto joins us from south philadelphia with details on how officials are taking action. christie? >> reporter: monica, one of the problems again is that at first glance this looks like a driveway but when you look over here you can see there's no visible signage, particularly right now because that sign is once again down. now the attorney general office and the major crime unit are all investigating. separate agencies looking to what exactly is happening when people park their cars in these spots. >> i was above the driveway and
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not blocking the driveway entrance. >> reporter: still his car was towed. he snapped this photo. he's one of several motorists who is coming forward many drivers claimed there was no signage. the mayor's office confirmed that the major crimes unit is now investigating and that quote we are also evaluating our current towing laws so that when counsel comes in the fall we can take legislative steps to prevent illegal towing. legislation is introduced already in committee that would regulate private tow companies. >> if you put up a sign and tow from a place that is not part of our registry, you're going to be held liable and fined and sanctioning. >> we stopped by george smith towing for a second time. >> i don't have any comment. >> reporter: we wanted to give you an opportunity to comment finally? >> no comment.
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>> reporter: there needs to be a very conspicuous sign posted warning people that hey, if you park here, you're taking a risk of getting towed. lni says the signs need to be visible, a digital photo of proof must be provided and police must be notified when towed. >> no police action, just a tow truck. $205, plus a taxi ride at 11:30 at night. i was absolutely livid. >> reporter: we never heard back from the owner of george smith towing, but we did hear from another towing company owner who told me by phone that the towing industry needs to organize and establish the proper way to conduct business and that these drivers who are claiming to be victims deserve a refund. christie ileto, channel 6 action news. monica? >> the operator of a day care
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needs your help tonight finding a woman who stole a purse. footage shows the woman taking a purse from behind a desk here at the kids land day care. it happened monday morning just after the alleged thief dropped off her own child at the center. the purse belongs to one of the center's operators. if you have any information about this, please call philadelphia police. a man riding a bicycle has been attacking women in philadelphia. police say he is wanted for at least four sexual assaults. surveillance video captured one of the crimes. investigators say the man rides up behind the women, reaches under their dresses, and gropes them. the man is described as hispanic with a stocky build. he carriys a black backpack with orange side panels. if you have any information who this man may be, police want to hear from you. two men accused of having
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sex with a 15-year-old girl faced a man in chester county today. the 57-year-old and 25-year-old men tricked the teen into a relationship. the pair faces sex trafficking, sex assault and child pornography charges. investigators say they also found more than 5,000 images of child porn at one of the men's home. a delaware family is appealing to the state transportation department tonight for help preventing more cars from crashing into their house. sunday afternoon for the fifth time in seven years, a car went through the intersection of new port gap pike and box wood road and on to their property. >> i heard a big bang and i just knew again what it was. and i ran downstairs he had been sleeping on the couch. i ran out the front door, called 911, go around the corner and there was a car in my pool.
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>> the couple wants a guardrail. they may cause more injuries to the drivers. but the couple says they just don't feel safe anymore. more than two dozen people who were injured when a railing collapsed at a concert in camden have now filed a lawsuit against the show's headlining acts. the accident happened earlier this month at the bb & t pa valon. the suit neets wiz khalifa and the show's promoter. a man who served 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit met the jury that set him free. tony wright embraced the men and women who found him not guilty. back in 1991 wright was convicted of raping and killing his 77-year-old neighbor in her north philadelphia home. he says he was forced to sign a statement containing a
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confession he never made. jurors took less than an hour to reach the verdict that freed him. >> the evidence was so compelling for tony that there really could have been no other verdict. >> i'm like a baby right now. i haven't breathed this type of air and i haven't been hugged so much in so long. >> three years ago the innocence project acquired evidence but he had to stay in prison awaiting a retrial for two years. still to come on action news, an uncertain situation after militants open fire at a university in afghanistan. hours after it happened no sign of the attackers or any clues to why. plus, fans of prince can soon get a glimpse in the place he called home. what paisley park is opening to the public and what you can see
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inside. >> it was another sunny day. we're heading into the 90s and we're going to be staying here for a while. we'll have the details on what to expect in the 7-day forecast. >> hope solo is slapped with a suspension for comments she made after her team lost in the olympics. when action news continues tonight.
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american university of afghanistan today killing one person and leaving at least 18 wounded. the attackers have still not been found and some people may be trapped in the campus. attackers opened fire and tossed grenades into classrooms. security forces are searching for what they described as terrorists but it's not clear how many there were or what their motive may have been. the white house is condemning the attacks. visitors to our nation's capital won't be able to see one of the popular tourist attractions. the washington monument will be shutting down for nine months to
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fix its unreliable elevator. the problem may stem from that earthquake five years ago after the quake $15 million was spent on repairs but the elevator was not renovated. the monument has already shut down for the inspections. if minnesota is in your plans, there is word tonight that prince's paisley park home will open for public tours this fall. the estate will be open starting in october. it's a 65 square foot complex was his home and production studio. you'll be able to take a look at the singer's artwork, wardrobe, musical instruments even cars. prince died there in april of an opioid overdose. a mississippi firefighter who received the world's most extensive face transplant says he feels normal for the first time in 15 years. he told reporters in new york
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today that the surgery last year finally lets him disappear in a crowd. he can eat, see, hear and breathe normally. he was injured in 2001 when a burning building collapsed on him. he says he wants others who are disfigured like him to get the courage for a face transplant saying it will change their lives. the american medical association has joined the call to make the life-saving epipen devices more affordable. epipens are used to reverse severe allergic reactions. but in nine years they've gone from costing $89 to $600. also that cost is not covered by insurance. epipen's maker is also under fire for raising the cost of other products, some of them 100%. if you dream of police officer or emergency medical technician, tonight was your night in new castle county. the department of public safety hold an open house. recruiters answered questions and explained their jobs.
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some specialized units and equipment were also on display in the front parking lot. all to entice the next generation of public servants. cecily is here with the forecast. >> we could be helping into heat wave number 6. we've done this before, we can handle it. most people don't like that kind of weather. tonight is rain-free and the action cam taking a look in dilworth park where it is a comfortable night to be heading out for a stroll. humidity not that bad yesterday. we're in the 80s today, heading back into the 90s. in august we've had plenty of 90 degree weather. we've had 11 days of temperatures in the 90 so far this august. the average for the entire month of august is seven. we could have another six before the month is out. and temperatures so far, 4
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degrees below normal for the month of august. that is a record. right now, 73 in philadelphia. 72 in allentown and trenton, millville 70, cape may 73 and wilmington 72. the next cold front is still across the midwest and that will not be moving in until friday and it will come in at a dramatically weakened state. so nothing really waiting in the wings other than this. dew points right now 63 in philadelphia. just slightly muggy. dew points in the 70s across the deep south and the midwest and that is going to be heading our way. so the morning rush forecast we'll see a mixture of clouds and sunshine. it will be warm and it will be noticeably more muggy than the past several days. 6:00, 69 degrees. by 8:00, 71 degrees. and as we head through the day, it's going to be hot, more humid with a high of 90 and with that cold front getting closer could be an isolated thunderstorm mainly north and west. i think most of our region will
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be rain-free. and then on friday this front gets closer, kind of limps through and that will bring us a surge of heat. 93 degrees, the heat index will feel like 100 and as that front rolls through, could get a spotty thunderstorm. if you are down the shore tomorrow, a moderate risk of rip currents. the air temperature 82. partly sunny, it will be more humid but generally a nice beach day. looking at the tropics, we're still looking at what could become tropical storm hermine the next five days. if you look at it it's a big mess. not very organized and the spaghetti plots show each individual computer model wide range, about a 500 range of uncertainty, is it going to head out to sea, will it hit florida, will it helped into the gulf of mexico, too early to tell. so the 7-day forecast, we've got
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a heat wave on the way. 90 degrees tomorrow, 93 on friday, feeling like 100. still in the 90s on saturday but less humid. 91 sunday, turning more muggy. monday, hot, humid with some scattered thunderstorms 92. tuesday, 90 again and hopefully by next wednesday temperatures drop into the upper 80s. but it will still be on the muggy side. so the heat is returning. we had a nice break. but it's august. can't last forever. >> thank you. some teen athletes put their speed to a good cause. tonight in wilmington members of the high school cross country team volunteered to pick corn at the ramsey farm. the farm is donating the produce to a homeless shelter. this was a big night for a local high schooler. action news was there when she received a scholarship for the
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ronald mcdonald house charities. she plans to attend drexel university studying business and management. congratulations.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently,
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which means we can fix things differently. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. since they had a victory. the phillies flipped the script tonight for a change and that's a good thing. phils up 2-0 in the third inning.
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cesar hernandez, two hits tonight. tommy joseph, he also had two hits tonight. this is his 17th homer of the season. the phils takege. he gets a strikeout when he needs it. the phillies hang on to win this game, 5-3 the final. the eagles and redskins won't meet until week 6 of the regular season but thatt mean the trash talking can't start now. it's coming from washington. norman told quote have you ever once been one of the top 20 quarterbacks of the league? not that i remember. and you want more money. i can't wait to play him twice a year, close quote. bradford's teammates have come to his defense while trying to take the high road.
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>> i really don't care what he says at all. >> he wants to prove everybody wrong and he's a number one pick a few years ago. i think he's going to get it done. >> i'm not going to pull a tl right now and get all upset, but at the same time sam is my guy. everybody loves him and everybody is happy he's our quarterback right now and i think we're going to be very successful this season. >> still ahead here in sports, a first in the nhl and hope solo is reprimanded. plus the soul are gearing up for a shot at the arena bowl chaponship. let's kick it.
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the union are in the midst of a busy week. two matches in a span of four games. first up columbus, no score, he comes right back, he scores. 1-0 union. now 1-1 game the 74th minute. the union take it 2-1. hope solo has been told to sit. the goalie has been suspended for six months for, quote, conduct that is counter to the organization's principles. it stems from her comments following her team's loss to sweden at the olympics. the arizona coyotes have hired down braid as a skating coach. braid is believed to be the first full-time female coach in nhl history. the soul are gearing up for
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their shot at glory. back in 2012 and 2012 they lost to arizona in the championship game. they like their chances this time around. >> i love these guys, i love this team and i think we're going to get it done and have a championship come back to philadelphia. >> i think we're ready for the moment. >> once again, that's friday night. >> all right, thank you. jimmy kimmel is next followed by night line. action news continues at 4:30 a.m.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, bob odenkirk, kendall jenner, and music from kiefer sutherland with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay focused, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming.


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